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Over the past few months, Hospitality Technology has proven to not just be medicine for operators, but a potential goldmine for investors.

As longstanding restaurant owners and operators, we have the ability to test, vet and validate the technology solutions available to us and with our investment platform. Branded has the unique ability to invest in early-stage companies that are addressing the industry’s biggest pain points, challenges and opportunities.

Branded is focused on the HI-Tech and innovation space because of its lack of correlation to other mainstream and even other alternative asset classes. We believe that taking exposure in this unique and often misunderstood market will reduce overall risk in an investment portfolio and boost overall returns.

We’re excited to share that three of Branded’s investments have just closed new funding rounds.


Bbot secured a $3 million seed round, led by Craft Ventures. Bbot is an all-in-one ordering & payment platform for delivery, pick-up & in-store dining. The platform is designed and built for restaurants.


Blanket closed on a seed round and secured a strategic relationship with the awesome hospitality owner & operator – Aurify Brands. Blanket helps organize and execute everyday work for operators.


TapRm, secured a $1.5 million seed round, led by The Broe Group, with participation from VU Venture Partners. TapRm is a BTC & B2B platform that helps the innovative beer & hard seltzer brands reach consumers.

Branded has added three new companies to our portfolio of investments: Clockedin,  LuckyDiem, and NBTV. You can learn more about each company below.

To learn more about these companies, or any of our other initiatives, we welcome the opportunity for you to connect with us. 



Clockedin is employee retention built for business. Clockedin helps brands re-connect with workers who have prior experience, so your next hire is already trained and ready to roll. Clockedin also helps prior employees re-enter the workforce, so you get qualified resources at your fingertips.

Lucky Diem

LuckyDiem offers risk free sales growth through cash back rewards. They have created a marketing platform that offers restaurants and retailers a simple, risk-free way to grow their sales and build customer loyalty.  LuckyDiem is the first company to make this technology accessible to small businesses with zero risk.

NBTV/Spirits Network

NBTV is a premium content studio at the nexus of storytelling, technology and the connected consumer. And the Spirits Network is an entertainment-first, membership-driven network with direct purchase capabilities.