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About Access Hospitality:

As an emerging venture capital platform that’s singularly focused on the technology, innovation and IP that help optimize margins for operators, Branded’s highest priority is to identify, vet, validate and then invest and accelerate emerging companies. We’ve created an investment club and invite qualified and accredited investors to leverage Branded’s diligence, deal flow and stewardship of capital as well as our unique Inside Hospitality expertise in connection with the M&A and capital markets associated with this growing alternative asset class.

Why Join Access Hospitality?

Whether you are driven to learn about the latest in hospitality and food service technologies, to share your expertise by giving back to the start-up ecosystem or to generate asset returns, membership in Access Hospitality has many benefits.

Co-Invest Together:

Time for conversations, research & relationship building to turn into co-investments. By being part of this tight-knit group, you will gain access to unique and differentiated investment opportunities.

Who can join?

Only qualified and accredited individuals who meet our qualifications are eligible to participate in the Access Hospitality Network. There are no dues or membership fees. Once approved, Investment Club members are part of the Network and will benefit from specialized publications, thought leadership, proprietary deal access, exclusive events, and more.

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Please note that this form does not guarantee access. If we feel your responses in this form suggest a potentially good fit we will reach out to you with additional information.