Branded Hospitality Ventures offers real insights to our Portfolio Companies by utilizing our connections, hospitality network and experience to accelerate the growth of our partners. We know the most pressing challenges facing hospitality owners and we work with our partners to solve them.

Why Branded?

Branded is an investment & advisory company, founded by Hospitality Operators, that leverages its 25 years of industry expertise, deep relationships and capital to influence, accelerate and deliver value to hospitality-centric and F&B innovation companies.

What is Branded?

Branded Hospitality Ventures (“Branded”) is a solutions platform that leverages its ecosystem of venues, expertise, and deep relationships to influence, accelerate and deliver value to hospitality-centric technology and F&B innovation companies.

Who is Branded?

  • We are a unique team of experienced hospitality, financial, and marketing professionals.
  • We identify, validate and test early-stage tech & innovation.
  • We utilize our connections and experience to accelerate the growth of our partner companies.
  • We have cultivated a community of operators, investors, technology companies, and industry connections to capture opportunities and create value for all stakeholders.

Our Mission

To provide strategic advisory services to accelerate the growth of our Partner Companies and deliver superior returns to our shareholders and investors.


We invite hospitality-centric technology & innovation companiesinvestors, operators and leading service providers the opportunity to leverage the insights & expertise only insiders like  Branded can provide. 

The Core 4



HI-Tech and F&B Innovation companies that are hospitality-centric and address the biggest challenges in the industry.


Hospitality operators that want curated solutions that bring value to their business.


Investors in the hospitality industry looking to leverage insights from hospitality experts and insiders.


Companies that are deeply connected to the hospitality industry that see Branded as a strategic R&D resource.
Value Proposition

The Branded Triple C

The Branded “secret sauce” is to leverage our networks, our “Triple C” to spur growth for our Partner Companies and deliver superior returns to our investors.


Over 5K Syndicate Members 

We will connect you to our Syndicate which is comprised of capital providers that utilize Branded for insights & access to unique investment opportunities in the hospitality space.


Over 15k Members In Our Hospitality Network 

We will connect you to the Branded Hospitality Network which is comprised of hospitality venue owners & operators.


Over 6k Strategic Connections 

We will connect you to an extensive network of businesses that support the hospitality industry to create synergies, leverage, partnerships & lasting connections.


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