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IN THE LATEST EPISODE OF THE HOSPITALITY HANGOUT PODCAST, MICHAEL SCHATZBERG “THE RESTAURANT GUY” AND JIMMY FRISCHLING “THE FINANCE GUY” SIT DOWN with Stas Matviyenko, the co-founder and CEO of Allset, to discuss making pickup contactless and implementing new technology in the midst of a pandemic.

Currently operating with over 2,500 restaurants in twelve U.S. cities, Allset is a platform for diners looking to pre-order takeout, dine-in, and pickup. Users can pick up orders within ten minutes, or select a particular time to pick up the order. Allset also prioritizes clear and thoughtful menu descriptions that accurately portray the contents of each dish.

When lockdown and stay-at-home orders were put in place, Allset switched its focus to takeout and pick-up orders. The company also abandoned its previous tactic of targeting cities’ busiest areas of business, as most Allset users were no longer at the office. To address these customer needs, Allset implemented a contactless pickup initiative. Creating an ideal pick-up experience became key to making the idea work. Allset worked with restaurants to make designated pickup areas with helpful signage for customers.

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