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It’s no secret. The Branded team has a thing for Hospitality Industry Technology (“HI-Tech”). What do we love about technology? We love that HI-Tech can help improve the guest experience with arguably less effort on your part. We love that HI-Tech can allow operators to reduce labor costs and increase sales. We love that HI-Tech can help us to truly understand the needs of our guests and improve operations through data. We love to see customers, staff and operators adapt to new technology and understand that while most technology is in its infancy, the implications are huge.

Most importantly we love working with the best and brightest minds and companies in HI-Tech that spend their days improving the industry as a whole. Just like you can’t ask a parent to choose a favorite child (we love all ours equally 😉), when it comes to tech, we love it all. So we asked a few friends to share their thoughts on why THEY love hospitality technology.

Why Do You Love Technology For Restaurants?

Josh Halpern | CEO, Big Chicken

“We have all developed an emotional connection to the tech in our personal lives. So for us to win the hearts and minds of our guests and teams, it starts with tech. For us to minimize operational complexities, it starts with tech. So I love tech for restaurants – it helps us form genuine human connections and helps us solve complex issues. ”

Carin Stutz | President & CEO, Native Foods

“Restaurants, as much as I love them, are a low-margin business. A franchisee once said to me that everyone has their hands in our pockets. Tech is going to give the edge to the operator one day.  Help with labor and tasks people don’t like to do, replace the ridiculously expensive credit card fees, and simplify administrative burdens to give us more time to enjoy why we got in this business. Cheers to the future! ”

Geoff Alexander | President & CEO, Wow Bao

“Technology allows any restaurant the opportunity to compete, and even surpass, its competitors. Our adoption of technology including self-ordering kiosks, a custom iPhone app, animated cubbies, and social media has lead to Wow Bao’s recognition as one of the most socially influential restaurants in the country alongside McDonald’s, Starbucks, Dunkin’, and Taco Bell.  Technology is innovation, and innovation is evolution – and if you’re not evolving, you’re not growing.”

Kelly Macpherson | Chief Technology & Supply Chain Officer

“Restaurant Technology and data help us blend the art and science of hospitality to show love to our guests at scale (i.e., give bigger hugs!). The tech allows us to better understand our guests and create personal, meaningful experiences at any time and in any restaurant. That is the difference between service and hospitality, and why we do what we do. ”