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Let’s take a moment to pause and reflect upon some of the positivity and lessons that have come about over the last four months.

Families have spent more time together, employees have increased their productivity, silenced voices are finally being heard, the unsung medical workers are being cheered for daily and hospitality workers have been recognized as essential.

When it comes to tech, we’ve seen a remarkable acceleration by both companies launching new products and consumers adopting and adapting to the new tech channels available to them. We’re excited to share that Branded’s portfolio companies have experienced a dramatic spike in sales and associated customer acquisitions and are positioned as a tactical and actionable solution for the hospitality industry in response to the current crisis. When the restaurant shutdown was embraced by most states, Branded’s off-premise and mobile/touch-less HI-Tech partner companies immediately demonstrated an ability and desire to be allies to the industry.

Don’t just take our word for it. We’re proud to share a few case studies from Branded’s Partners GoParrot and Bbot

When Life Gives You Lemons…Open An Organic Grocery Store


While Trader Joes and Whole Foods asked customers to wait 7-10 business days for their orders, JuicePress was churning out 350 orders a day on their all new digital store, JP Grocery. JuicePress harnessed their partnership with GoParrot to create an auxiliary revenue stream and build a customer base that will preserve past the pandemic.

The Problem

At the onset of the COVID 19 quarantine in the US, not only could Juice Press no longer serve dine-in clients in metropolitan areas, but they noticed that grocery stores were backed up and scheduling deliveries weeks in the future.

The Solution

In just a few days, Juice Press worked with GoParrot to pivot their kitchen, vendor relationships and warehouse space into JuicePress Grocery. GoParrot also helped coordinate delivery routes, optimized picking and packing, and modified online menus.

The Results 

JP Grocery netted Juice Press $1.5 Million in the month of April, 2020 alone by delivering up to 350 grocery orders a day during COVID! Media, word of mouth, and marketing strategy has boosted Juice Press’ active stores (that utilize GoParrot) as much as 30%!

Biting into a better guest experience


In Good Company (“IGC”) has a variety of concepts ranging from fast casual to full service restaurants in some of the trendiest hotels in New York City, including fine dining restaurants like Woodpecker by David Burke, Park Ave Tavern and Parker & Quinn/Refinery Rooftop, to Trademark Taste + Grind in Hotel le soleil NY or The Wilson, INNSiDE Meliã NY Nomad.

The Problem

With limited seating in NYC restaurants and the desire to service as many hotel customers as possible, the management team wanted a practical solution to streamline ordering and ensure a better guest experience. Then when the pandemic forced restaurants to halt in-store dining, new means of service were desired to continue to operate.

The Solution

Thanks to Bbot‘s array of Smart Ordering solutions, each IGC location now has their own online branded menu, linked to their existing web and social media assets. IGC offers their guests Bbot’s contactless mobile ordering solutions for in-room
and in-venue dining, curbside pickup, take out, and delivery for customers in neighboring residences.

The Result

IGC estimates that $70k of new revenue (21%) was generated thanks to the availability, consistency, and ease of use that the Bbot platform provides to the business and the guests. Their various online menus have been visited over 10,000 times.