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Branded Strategic Hospitality is excited to announce our NEW podcast, The Hospitality Hangout, hosted by Branded's very own Michael Schatzberg "aka The Restaurant Rabbi" and Jimmy Frischling "aka The Finance Guy" on the Foodable Network.

In the podcast, the Restaurant Rabbi and The Finance Guy explore exciting trends, happenings, and breakthroughs in hospitality technology. They will be chatting with leaders, marketers, and experts that are leading a new era of innovation.

We are launching the podcast with a four-part series focusing on coming together as an industry as we navigate a new means of operating restaurants during the COVID crisis. 

As COVID-19 continues to create a ripple effect on the industry, the new normal for delivery and take-out execution will continue to dramatically change and new, innovative business models will come to fruition. Contact-less delivery, touch-less pay and concerns around safety and cleanliness will be in the forefront post COVID-19. In this series we hope to keep our fellow industry leaders informed about effective solutions while speaking about how our guests are handling the unforeseen environment.

You can subscribe and listen to Hospitality Hangout Podcast on Spotify or directly on the Foodable Network. Direct links to the first two episodes discussing the New Means of Operating Amid The Coronavirus Crisis with guests Alex Blum, CEO of Relay and Yaniv Nissim CEO of GoParrot are below.

Part 1 With Alex Blum, CEO of Relay Delivery

In this rapidly changing time, delivery and take-out have become a saving grace for restaurant and hospitality operators. Relay is a B2B, back-end delivery service for restaurants, which allows costumers to order via phone, web, or third-party platforms.

Relay is working with their partner merchants to help get food to customers. “We have been working with restaurants to expand their delivery zones dramatically. We are losing money on these deliveries, but it’s allowing restaurants to get revenue they need right now more than ever,” adds Blum. Relay has taken it a step further and implemented a pay-as-you-go model, which works well for restaurants utilizing their own staff to make deliveries, allowing operators to manage their costs.

The pandemic has created fears and psychological effects around safety and sanitization when it comes to food delivery and take-out. Relay wants viewers to know that their couriers are just as afraid of catching this virus as every other citizen. As a result, Relay is extremely well prepared and equipped its couriers with disinfectants, gloves, face masks and sanitizers. Although their employees are contractors, they still must adhere to food handling safety and regulations.

For information on integrating Relayplease get in touch with us directly.

Part 2 with Yaniv Nissim, CEO & Founder of GoParrot

As COVID-19 continues to create a ripple effect on the industry, GoParrot has enabled restauranteurs to stay in business by giving them an enhanced and seamless solution for off-premise models. “We give operators the ability to accept pick-up and delivery orders on their website and app and to have it all with a marketing component and loyalty integration,” says Nissim.

As the Coronavirus continues to shut-out diners from restaurants, operators must continue to transition to tactful and experiential pick-up and delivery models as a measure of security. GoParrot’s operations have shifted as they have seen an influx in demand for online delivery services. The company has had to expand their team during this time, which has resulted in being able to help new operators increase revenue as well as existing partners increase their growth in sales by three times.

GoParrot is currently waiving half of the set-up fees for new customers that sign up by today! In addition, new customers will receive one month free once they go live, allowing them to test out the platform and ramp up their delivery efforts.

For information on integrating GoParrotplease get in touch with us directly.

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