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Branded Strategic Hospitality is excited to share the newest episodes in our podcast, The Hospitality Hangout, hosted by Branded's very own Michael Schatzberg aka "The Restaurant Rabbi" and Jimmy Frischling aka "The Finance Guy" on the Foodable Network.

In the podcast, The Restaurant Rabbi and The Finance Guy explore exciting trends, happenings, and breakthroughs in hospitality technology. They will be chatting with leaders, marketers, and experts that are leading a new era of innovation.

Today we are sharing the final two episodes of our four-part Delivery Solutions series focusing on off-premise business and building the most efficient and effective delivery strategies for your venue as we navigate a new means of operating restaurants during the COVID crisis. 

While the hospitality industry continues to be be crippled by the pandemic, the country is also starting to prepare for life after the COVID- crisis. In both situations, one thing is clear, the new normal for delivery and take-out execution will continue to dramatically change and new, innovative business models will come to fruition. Contact-less delivery, touch-less pay and concerns around safety and cleanliness will be in the forefront post COVID-19. In these two episodes we hope to keep our fellow industry leaders informed about effective solutions while speaking about how our guests are handling the unforeseen environment.

You can subscribe and listen to Hospitality Hangout Podcast on Spotify or directly on the Foodable Network. Direct links to the next two episodes discussing the New Means of Operating Amid The Coronavirus Crisis with guests Alan Hickey, CEO of Vromo and Sterling Douglass, CEO of Chowly are below.

PART 3 With Alan Hickey, CEO of Vromo

Vromo is a hospitality-centric platform that focuses on supplying full delivery and customer engagement into restaurants, allowing brands to have a more efficient and cost effective operation, while maintaining their brand engagements with customers.

Since the onset of the pandemic, Vromo has reconstructed their focus onto enabling restaurants to get their products out to customers in various methods, depending on the type of venue and model the operators are accustomed to. In some cases Vromo is helping operators adjust to a brand new model and in other instances, implementing a more efficient model of foodservice.

The industry now faces a learning curve of utilizing virtual technology to maintain camaraderie and rapport with clients. Vromo has felt the effects of this pandemic within their own style of operations. Hickey shares that the company has had to reconfigure and realign business deals, creation of partnerships and conferences.

Vromo believes in paying-it-forward. The company is providing aid to current and new customers to ensure restaurants survive this unprecedented time. Vromo has implemented tactics such as free trials, pausing billing cycles and updating pricing tiers.

For information on integrating VROMOplease get in touch with us directly.

PART 4 With Sterling Douglas, CEO of Chowly

Douglass founded Chowly four years ago with the mission in mind of helping restaurants navigate third party marketplaces to seamlessly integrate point of sale in one common place. The company recently rolled out a new offering; singular menu management, which minimizes the impedance of maintaining on multiple platforms. The company quickly shifted their enterprise in the wake of COVID-19 and dedicated an entire team to their menu management operations.

At the onset of the virus outbreak, Chowly quickly assessed their team to ensure safety and financial support in order to effectively operate and provide solutions to restauranteurs during this massive interruption.The company understood the opportunity to bring in revenue, relying heavily on their prompt ability to setup operators with online ordering and delivery platforms.

The pandemic has dramatically altered the landscape for restaurant operators. On-premise sales are now band by local governments, forcing concepts to transition to solely operate in off-premise models. Chowly is a key piece to this shift in being able to integrate multiple third party platforms into one single interface.

For information on integrating Chowlyplease get in touch with us directly.

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