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In order to have a healthy house, there are two critical components: the importance of facility management, & the significance of software.

We’ve all heard the phrases, “There Is No I In Team” or “Team Work Makes the Dreamwork”, but let’s be honest, each team believes theirs is the best and hardest working, especially when it comes to a restaurant’s front of house (FOH) vs back of house (BOH) staff.

At Branded we play nice in the sandbox and choose not to take a side in that great debate because we believe that “It Takes a Village”. Rather, today we question if you have stopped to consider the actual HOUSE. Without the house, there’s no FOH or BOH. The house itself also needs to work hard and smart to stay in business.In order to have a healthy house, there are two critical components to consider: the importance of facility management and the significance of software.

Let’s take a look at how a few key leaders in the industry are combining both to help businesses succeed, ensuring that the whole house wins.

Location, Location, Location

Nearly everyone knows the golden rules of real estate are “The Three Ls: Location, Location, Location.” Or at least it used to be. These days the rules certainly start with Location but are quickly followed by Brand, City, State, and Square Footage.

No one knows this better than Branded Portfolio Company Leasecake. 

Leasecake is a cloud-based operating system for lease and location management. Leasecake’s technology allows operators to save time, grow faster, and streamline operations by tracking every business-critical event in one place.

Everyone owns or leases real estate in their business, and keeping track of the hundreds of “to-dos” in a portfolio is an arduous and time consuming process. Leasecake can automate, organize, and notify their clients of key dates, make payments, and document critical information. Managing commercial real estate is complex and mistakes are expensive across multiple locations.

Glenn Levins, CEO of The Phoenix Organization, one of the nation’s leading Burger King, Taco Bell & Denny’s Franchisees, was able to transform his access to lease data thanks to Leasecake. “There’s no more shuffling through Dropbox folders or boxes in the office when we need information about any of our locations. And best of all — it’s simple to use.”

Leasecake allows tenants, brokers, and landlords to manage location-related services, from lease management and accounting to insurance agreements and franchise operations. Leasecake’s platform provides centralized access to lease and location information, integrating data from multiple sources to serve as a single source of truth for organizations on both sides of the market.

As the controller for Team WOW, Tim Doktorski was on the lookout for any software product that would help him get better control of all the information surrounding the 69 Domino’s Pizza properties in his portfolio. When he found Leasecake, he knew almost immediately that he’d found the right solution. “I know without a doubt, I’m not missing anything. I don’t have to log in every day… and the push notifications keep me up to date. The comfort level is undeniable.”

Ready For Repairs

Once operators have their location and leases in order, the goal is to keep everything up and running while addressing any inevitable facility issues or repairs. Ecotrak, another Branded Portfolio company, was founded by seasoned restaurant professionals and service providers with over 40 years of experience in facilities and construction.

Ecotrak is a top-rated platform designed to simplify facilities, assets, and project management for multi-site businesses.

The cloud-based platform is increasing efficiency, reducing repair and maintenance spend, and helping businesses grow and scale quickly.

Ecotrak is the leading facility and asset lifecycle management software, providing a user-friendly experience that allows companies to manage their facilities and save money with real-time, actionable data that can lead to real value such as the examples below.

  • Reduce repair and maintenance costs by 10% on average
  • Reduce equipment downtime by 50% on average
  • Increase operational efficiency by 10-15% on average
  • Increase warranty capturing by 95%
  • Reduce time spent on accounting + invoice related tasks by 30-40%
  • Access to a trusted, nationwide network of service providers across over 200 types of trades


Marc Sherman, the Facilities Field Project Manager at Del Taco has seen great success since partnering with Ecotrak. “Since our beginning with Ecotrak, the facilities department has been able to gain more insight into the state of our locations. We can review trends with equipment and vendors to change what is needed to ensure we are progressing and traveling down the right path. We have the ability to create reports that aid us in our decision-making processes. We can more easily move from service request creation to invoice approval with the necessary information all in one platform.”

Whether a business is running a Mom-and-Pop donut shop, a small number of franchises, or scaling to a multiunit national brand, the are many key ingredients for success.  Partnering with companies that combine innovative facility management and smart software, that can result in a blue ribbon recipe where the whole house wins.

At Branded, we subscribe to the theory that it takes a village. If you’re interested in exploring investment opportunities with Branded, please contact us directly.