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Branded is setting up meetings with this Hospitality-centric Hi-Tech Company now .

Want to know what your guests think? Ask them. With up to 85% voluntary participation, Yumpingo’s unique, crowd sourced insights empower evidence-based decision-making. No other Branded Partner Company is as welcomed and embraced by hospitality owners more than Yumpingo. Yumpingo has reinvented restaurant intelligence with on-premise reviews.

The industry’s dislike of platforms like Yelp, TripAdvisor and other online review platforms stems from these reviews platforms that provide a space for customer gripes encourage the extremes. Yumpingo solves this problem by capturing specific guest feedback in real time. Restaurant owners love the on-premise reviews and specifically the dish reviews. Restaurant owners feel they’re able to take back their brands thanks to Yumpingo and customer adoption is proving to be extremely high (over 70% of customers on average complete the survey). Our own experience with Yumpingo shows that over 90% of our customers complete the reviews and the feedback is actionable and therefore valuable.

As mentioned above, the dish reviews are specifically an area where the owners feel mistakes can be avoided or kept smaller and addressed faster thanks to Yumpingo.

Key members of the Yumpingo team will be in New York City next week on January 7th-9th and again on January 21st-23rd. Branded is setting up meetings now to introduce this hospitality-centric HI-Tech company the the NYC hospitality community. Please contact Branded directly to arrange a meeting.

For information on YUMPINGO or other investment opportunities Branded is exploring, or to set up a call or meeting, please get in touch with us directly.


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