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Branded partners with HI-Tech companies that are the future of our industry. Our partners put a spotlight on the timely importance of implementing tech and provide tactical and actionable solutions for our industry's greatest challenges.

We are proud to highlight some of our hi-tech partners big headlines and their merited accomplishments!
If you would like to learn more about Branded or any of our partner companies, please get in touch.

  1. Agot AI gives restaurants computer vision to see where food orders go wrong
  2. Bite powers newest eco-conscious location of Chop’t  in Arlington, Virginia
  3. Copia‘s Kimberly Smith speaks on Capitol Hill in support of the Food Donation Improvement Act 2021
  4. Ecotrak  unveils service provider directory to power vendor sourcing needs
  5. GoTab unveils EasyTab, that helps bridge mobile order and pay at the table with traditional service
  6. Incentivio CEO shares advice on stage at FODC with fellow C-suite members
  7. Access development teams with LuckyDiem to reward cash loving travelers
  8. MarginEdge solves alcohol payment pain points with iControl partnership
  9. Ovation is on the list of 13 Essential Types of Restaurant Technology (2022)
  10. PizzaHQ Taps Seattle-based Picnic Works to Automate Pizza-Making Process
  11. PourmyBeer’s self pour wall can now be experienced at Avon’s Tri-it Taproom in Connecticut
  12. Vromo partners with Sauce to help their partners operate a profitable delivery solution