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Branded is excited to present our newest partner company, Tablz.

Tablz is an optimization platform that matches diners with the best table based on their individual preferences.

Tablz is redefining the future of dining, by enabling diners to select and upgrade to the table of their choosing creating the first ever net new profit stream for restaurants and an improved guest experience.

Tablz works with every system.

Whether pen and paper, or OpenTable.

Incredible restaurants are enhancing their guest experience by leveraging Tablz with their existing reservation system. And no, Tablz is not a second system you have to manage. Tablz works in conjunction with your existing setup.

Not all dining rooms are created equal.

But each has valuable real estate. 

Whether you’re a fine dining restaurant, sports bar or a neighborhood go-to, diners are willing to pay for their preferred table.

Restaurants need a pricing revolution.

Everything you need to meet and maintain ASC 842 compliance.

Combining premium seating with dynamic pricing, every industry in the world has used revenue management to transform their industries to improve their customer experience and increase their profitability.

Transact in new ways and maximize profitability.

Turn More. Earn More. Period. 

Maximize profit on each table by charging a premium during peak hours, while incentivizing guests to dine earlier, ensuring all of your tables stay full as often as possible.

Tablz is designed to enhance your dining room operations.

Leverage data-driven decision making.

Tablz is a technology that improves operational efficiency and enables your team to get the most out of your dining room.

Get started in 3 easy steps!

…and go live in less than a week!

Schedule Mapping
Our 3D mapping typically takes under an hour and all we need is a clean, empty, service-ready dining room.
Select Tables
Work with your dedicated Tablz concierge to pick your best tables and set pricing based on date and time.
Go Live
Connect Tablz to your website’s reservation page, social media, and search engines to get the word out!