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This podcast is episode 1 of Branded's 2-part "Contactless Everything" Series.

In the series we explore the growing popularity of contactless technology amongst hospitality venues in light of the pandemic. We are excited to take a deeper dive into Bbot with you and share how Steve and his team are simplifying operations for the hospitality industry though contactless order and pay systems.

Bbot’s smart ordering technology is designed for the hospitality industry. The platform allows restaurant guests to order food and drinks from their phone to their table – or curbside for contactless take-out. Customers do not have to wait for a menu, download an app, swipe their card, or even sign a receipt. Restaurants simply install the necessary hardware & signage and guests pay on a website using their table ID and preferred method of online payment.

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For information and how to become involved with Bbot please get in touch with us directly.