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In the latest episode of Hospitality Hangout, Michael "Schatzy" Schatzberg “The Restaurant Guy” and Jimmy Frischling “ The Finance Guy” bring you this episode from FSTEC. They chat with Guests:

Daran Han, Digital Business Studio Lead, Cargill
Stacey Hey, Digital Product Owner, Kitchen Blueprint
Jessica Stanchfield, Digital Product Owner, Hot Take
Nate Shrader, Digital Product Owner, Chekt

Listen Here

Cargill Digital Business Studios is a startup studio backed by Cargill investment and expertise, designed to incubate and scale digital businesses within Cargill that address the most urgent problems facing our global food and agriculture system, now and into the future. Han says, “over the last couple decades we’ve really kind of doubled down around investing in new solutions and integrating the way that we bring our entire offerings to our customers.” He added, “so we’re kind of fond on the history of entrepreneurship over the last 165 years as we think about what’s ahead for us and we look at the environment that we serve and agri-food everything we’re seeing is a digital disruption starting to come in and impact the environment that we operate in and as Cargill we’re investing in a digital business studio.” Han explains that it is a place where they incubate and build new businesses from the ground up, meshing the capabilities, expertise and the resources at Cargill, doing good work to impact the environment.

Stacey Hey, the digital product owner of Kitchen Blueprint stops by to talk with the guys.  Kitchen Blueprint creates transparency with data and insights to show where costs are going, where loss is happening and how processes can be more efficient across the back-of-house. Hey says that, “there’s a whole host of new opportunities that come to bear whether that be optimization of profits. Whether that be reduction of labor reliance. Whether that be whole new opportunities to automate areas of the restaurant they otherwise would not have gone or would have gone undiscovered so that’s really the heart of what we focused on.”

Digital product owner, Jessica Stanchfield of Hot Take, the food-focused research platform that connects businesses to their customers stops by to chat with the guys. Stanchfield says that Hot Take is an innovation and insights platform. They bring the consumer voice and insights into the innovation process and that they are critical to making better business decisions.

Checkt’s digital product owner Nate Shrader stops by to talk about Chekt, a contactless food pickup system designed to meet the demands of high-volume foodservice environments. Shrader says, “it’s a modular smart food locker solution designed to transform take out and pick up for restaurants and really anyone who is a really high congested food service provider. So stadiums, colleges, and universities as well.”

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