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In the latest episode of Hospitality Hangout, Michael Schatzberg “The Restaurant Guy” and Jimmy Frischling “ The Finance Guy” were on the road at the Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit in Nashville.

Schatzberg and Frischling chat with Laura Rea Dickey, CEO of Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants, Inc., Josh Goodman, Founder & CEO, of PourMyBeer, Cherryh Cansler, Editor of and VP of Events at Networld Media Group, and Josh Halpern, CEO at Big Chicken, about the summit and latest innovations in technology being highlighted at RFIS.


Dickey, stops by and talks about being back in person at the Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit, being a presenter at the summit and how data is driving the restaurant industry. She talks about the importance of being able to pull data, clean it, and present it back in a way that is simple and actionable. She says, “If you can do that with your data, then you’re not drowning in that data lake, you could really use that data to drive the business forward.”  She shares that Dickey’s built and launched its own proprietary data analytics platform 10 years ago. Dickey shares that because of their in-house technology, the restaurant’s management is able to run their own POS, loyalty initiatives and scale the business, which now has 550 locations.

PourMyBeer, Founder & CEO, Josh Goodman, stops by for his second time on the podcast. He chats with Frischling and Schatzberg about how the other attendees and operators are reacting to the self-serve revolution that PourMyBeer is leading. Goodman talks about partnering with Coca-Cola. He says that by implementing the technology developed by PourMyBeer within the European market, at places like amusement parks, Coca-Cola has seen gains between 140% to 180% in both increased revenue and traction. Goodman shares that whether the company is collaborating with a Mom & Pop shop or at the enterprise level, technology is paramount. He says, “Your technology has to evolve.” He adds, “That’s really where we’ve been focusing our energies, is getting our technology aligned with the various point of sale systems through direct integrations with them, because it all comes down to checks and balances.”

Cansler checks in to chat about moderating the summit’s session, ‘Getting into the Self-Service Game’. She talks about how operators are eager to enter the self-service space but have questions regarding things such as, how to determine which system is best for their business, what set-up costs look like and ROI. She says, “We’re going to let each panelist tell their story about why they’ve entered self-service, how they’re using it, whether it is a kiosk, or a beverage wall, how much it costs, ROI. Everybody wants it, but is it cost effective?” Cansler talks about the overall success of RFIS, adding that over 350 guests are attending this year. Cansler adds, “It’s our biggest year yet, even before COVID”. She says that the talk of the summit has been all about innovation, from ‘what’s new’, to ‘what’s going on’, to ‘what does the future hold’. Regarding the future, Cansler gives a sneak peek into details for the upcoming Fast Casual Executive Summit, happening this October, in Indianapolis.

Big Chicken, CEO, Josh Halpern, talks about his summit session, ‘Executive Perspectives: Inspiration for Today’s Restaurant Leaders’. He shares his insights on the importance of working together to mitigate each other’s pain points. He says, “We learned there’s five pain points; driving traffic, driving check size, being innovative, having well engaged staff and a capable supply chain”. He adds, “So if we work together to mitigate those pain points as an entire community, to make sure the guest has a great experience, franchisees are profitable and suppliers have what they need, beautiful things could happen fast.”

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