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In the latest episode of Hospitality Hangout, Michael Schatzberg “The Restaurant Guy” and Jimmy Frischling “ The Finance Guy” chat with Kimberly Smith, Chief Executive at Copia.

They discuss food insecurity, how restaurants can track food waste and what Copia is doing to help the industry reduce carbon emissions.


Smith talks about her background in the advertising tech industry and having nearly 20 years of experience in data and analytics. She shares that becoming a parent gave her a new perspective on the world regarding how we would be leaving it for future generations and why that led her to join the team at Copia.

She says, “Copia was like the culmination of everything that I wanted to do, the impact I wanted to make. And I knew that I could bring my experience in the data and tech world, to leading this company into solving a lot of problems.”

When asked about what Copia is and how it works, Smith shares that Copia’s technology allows businesses to safely and efficiently donate excess food and ingredients to feed people in need. She talks about how easy it is for businesses to sign up and use the platform. She says, “It should take no more than three minutes of your team’s time to be able to track your waste for the day, or submit a donation.” She adds, “Our matching algorithm tells us exactly where your donation should go, to the local nonprofit that’s most in need of that food. It not only finds a home but the right one.”

They talk about the benefits to businesses that partner with Copia. Smith shares that in addition to helping out the community and the environment, operators receive other advantages from Copia as well, including providing the business with audit-proof donation receipts and tax deduction dashboards. She says, “Your accounting team loves you at the end of the year, your program analytics help inform waste reduction plans, impact reports tell businesses all about the nonprofits they fed, the carbon emissions they reduced by diverting this perfectly edible food from landfills and the gallons of water saved. She adds, “We’re making it as easy and beneficial to reduce and prevent your food waste, as well as donate any surplus that you have.”

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