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Branded is excited to present our newest partner company, Ottonomy.

Ottonomy, provides fully autonomous robots for retail & restaurants.

Ottonomy robots help manage staffing shortages for retail and restaurant industries. Their fully autonomous robots can deliver food & beverages, groceries and e-commerce packages at curbsides, last mile, and indoor environments.

Ottonomy robots are available on a “RaaS” (Robotics as a Service) model. Their customers get access to a safer and more economical delivery option as compared to traditional 3rd party delivery services.

Above all, their robots are helping reduce carbon emissions and improve quality of life.

Where Ottonomy Delivers


Curbside Delivery

They enable companies to offer automated and safer curb-side & parking lot deliveries to their customers


Last Mile Delivery 

Our fleet of robots can deliver multiple packages simultaneously to the customers address on 24×7 basis


Indoor Delivery

Ottonomy pioneered the concept of indoor deliveries at airports, malls, office complexes allowing their customers to get convenient and safer delivery options

What Makes Ottonomy Different

Indoor, Outdoor – Anytime. Anywhere.

Whether it is during the day or night and indoor or outdoor; the robots reach you whenever you want, wherever you want.

Contextual Navigation Engine

Behavior based contextual navigation with accurate mapping and localization, enabling the robots to navigate in crowded environments

Safety & Security

Robots are situationally aware with active perception by fusing multi sensor data to understand environment and take appropriate action while navigating to the destination

Contactless Deliveries

We offer safe and contactless deliveries enabled though mobile QR codes. Separate cabins ensure only end customer has access to his/her package

Network Operations Console

Cloud based monitoring console that monitors, tracks and enables emergency control of the robots. It also provides business relevant analytics for insights into delivery operations

Environment Friendly

The electric driving technology helps reduce carbon footprints of the delivery process and helps organizations meet their sustainable technology and environmental goals