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Valyant AI, is a customer service AI designed for existing retail hardware, in order to break down barriers between humans and computers through natural communication.

Valyant AI’s proprietary conversational AI platform integrates existing mobile, web, call ahead, kiosk and drive thru platforms.

This includes integrating with any required onsite hardware and on-premise or cloud point of sale (POS) systems. The platform includes custom-built hardware, and conversational software based on your menu with guaranteed accuracy.



Drive Thru 

Valyant’s patented drive thru AI automates the customer ordering process and delivers unprecedented operational efficiencies.

  • Reduce Customer Wait Times
  • Increase Average Ticket
  • Mitigate Labor Shortages


Integrating conversational artificial intelligence (AI) into your brand’s mobile application allows for quick and frictionless ordering experiences.


Voice ordering on your website reduces cart abandonment issues related to product confusion and helps to increase customer engagement and average ticket sizes.

Call Ahead

Liberate your employees from taking customer calls about food orders, seating and wait times.


Kiosk menus can be confusing; adding conversational AI ensures customers won’t get frustrated and opt for a human or require employee guidance through the ordering process.