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Hone, is a restaurant bookkeeping service that serves as the foundation for a reporting platform with one goal: to make your restaurant as profitable as possible.

The platform combines decades of experience running highly profitable independent restaurants with solid bookkeeping that will save you time and reduce anxiety. Hone pays your bills, tracks your expenses, and enables you to make the best decisions for your business.

The Problem 

Restaurants aren’t as profitable as they should be.

Business data is scattered

On paper and half a dozen unintegrated software systems

Dynamic industry with volatile expenses

Supply price volatility, high turnover, weather…

Accounting reports don’t help

A monthly P&L for $1500 with no insights?!

60 hours

The number of hours an owner / operator / GM typically spends per week managing their restaurant


With hundreds of options to choose from, restaurant owners have a hard time choosing and integrating  the right software to be data-driven


Operational reports that  a restaurant gets from their bookkeeper


Fine Dining 

Top Feature: Restaurant Relevant Reporting 

Small labor and food cost oversights can cost you big when it’s time to pick up the tab. Hone provides weekly prime-cost reports to help you monitor, manage and make adjustments throughout the month.

Casual Dining 

Top Feature: Sales Tax Tracker 

Hone tracks sales tax from your POS and 3rd party sales channels. Then when it’s time to pay the bills, they’ll take care of it so you don’t have to.

Fast Casual 

Top Feature: Vendor Bill Pay 

Hone helps you track your vendor expenses weekly, giving you a closer look at how much you spend and notifies you when it’s time to pay your vendors.

Café & Bakery 

Top Feature: 3RD Party Sales Channel Tracker 

Hone keeps track of 3rd party sales, taxes, AND fees so you have a clear picture of your costs for each channel.

Food Truck 

Top Feature: Mobile App Invoice Scanning 

With the ability to scan invoices from an app, you can take snapshots of your expenses and automatically send them to your bookkeeper for payment and categorization.

Juice Bar 

Top Feature: Responsive Hone Support Team 

Hone support team has the technical experience and accounting knowledge to guide you through everything from sales tax to monthly reporting.