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Branded is excited to present our newest partner company, Galley.

Galley is a platform that connects the dots of your food data to create a system of feedback loops that helps you make better decisions, faster.

How Galley Works

Design Your Operations Around Clean, Scalable Data 

All your food data, interconnected, ready to be shaped. Train and collaborate with your team around on source of truth for recipes.

✔︎ Centralized recipe hub

✔︎ Recipe sharing & training

✔︎ Real-time food costing

✔︎ Menu planning

✔︎ Vendor/EDI Integration

Kitchen Productivity with Less Stress and Error

Galley finds the best ways to produce food using real-time data. Intuitively designed for cooks and kitchens—not just back offices.

✔︎ Real-time inventory

✔︎ Purchase and procurement

✔︎ Kitchen-driven UX

✔︎ Automated production guides

✔︎ Kitchen task management

Analyze and Refine with Industry-Leading Data Clarity

Track what matters and improve across the business. Galley gives you the ability to make changes quickly and efficiently.

✔︎ Profit margin optimization

✔︎ Waste reduction

✔︎ Food cost forecasting

✔ Labor efficiency tracking

✔ Open Food API

API Accessibility

All of your data in Galley is accessible via our API. As an API-first product, we believe in the power of connectivity and shared data. We also like to make that sharing happen quickly and efficiently.

✔ Open Food API

✔︎ Integrate in weeks not months

✔︎ Increase the value of your existing technology stack

✔︎ Create one source of truth for all of your food data

What can you do with cleaner, integrated food data?

Simplify Production 

Produce more efficiently than ever. Galley learns your processes and creates production guides that reduce over-purchasing, waste, and labor costs.

Understand Food Costs

Thousands of ingredients? No problem. Connect vendors for real-time food costing, develop high-margin recipes and increase the profitability of your menu.

Optimize Purchasing 

Restock in seconds. Galley tracks current inventory and historical data across all locations to generate optimized purchase orders in two clicks.

Centralize Everything 

A single source of truth for all your food data and kitchen operations. Manage your growing food empire via a modern cloud-based platform.