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Branded is excited to present our newest partner company, Curbit.

Curbit, a solution elevating the pick up experience by redefining the last-mile of takeout.

The Problem: The restaurant industry has a last mile problem. Billions have been invested in digital ordering. While this has made it easier than ever to order on demand, ensuring that fresh food is handed to the guest conveniently and reliably hasn’t kept pace. This compromised experience has a direct impact on guest retention and operational efficiencies.

The Curbit Solution: The Curbit cloud-based platform is a seamless and inexpensive implementation built for scale. Guests receive real-time instructions on their mobile device synced to the kitchen progress ensuring an on-time arrival. Prep times and food quality are optimized based on guest proximity. The result is an easy handoff for the staff and magical experience for the guest – supercharging loyalty at the counter and curbside.

Operational Benefits Include:

● Fresher food to guests on-time
● Reduced wait times and lobby loitering
● No shouting or hunting for guests
● Creates labor efficiency and happier staff

To learn more about Branded or Curbit, please reach out to us directly!