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Branded Strategic Hospitality (“Branded”) is proud to present and invite accredited investors the opportunity to participate in an investment alongside Branded in NBTV Channels, a direct-to-consumer video and e-commerce "shoppable video" platform.

NBTV Channels is ‘Amazon Prime meets Masterclass’, serving highly engaged enthusiasts who are high-net-spenders, underserved, connected and want to discover, buy and earn loyalty points.

Their first channel, Spirits Network, pairs premium streaming entertainment with home liquor delivery and monthly curated bottle service in 50 cities within 30 states. In the first 12 months, Spirits Network has generated millions in revenues from the worlds largest liquor companies as well as consumer subscriptions & transactions. They’ve seen a 500% increase in membership and have been featured on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel, CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox, etc.

Our enthusiasm for this company is based on the following trends

Branded is leading this investment round and will invest a minimum of 20% in this financing. Our enthusiasm for this company is based in part on the following macro trends:

  • That consumers will continue to ignore interruptive advertising, which is rapidly eroding broad legacy media businesses and resulting in unrepairable declines in audience and an exodus of advertisers.
  • Consumers are seeking alternatives and audiences are fragmenting, which coupled with the death of brick and mortar retail will exacerbate the situation, affecting the century old codependency of media and advertising.
  • Branded has a strong view that consumers’ insatiable demand for home delivery, on demand media, streaming devices and personalization will continue and will only blur the lines between commerce, entertainment and social media.
Branded believes NBTV is the solution to meet the demands of today’s consumer and the challenges facing the media and advertising industries

Branded believes NBTV is the solution to meet the demands of today’s consumer and the challenges facing the media and advertising industries. NBTV’s owned and operated channels in key and complementary categories (Spirits, Cannabis, Luxury Auto, Sports and more to come) are addressing the $400B+ North American e-commerce market as well as the $200B+ North American advertising market by integrating advertisers into their channels as non-interruptive entertainment as well as building custom channels for major brands.

  • Each channel has multiple sources of revenues both recurring, transactional and advertising with a clear path to profitability at low user bases.
  • Investors have the potential to realize the upside of 4 owned & operated channels with $100M+ each in revenue as well as partner channel revenue of $40M+ in year one as brands are hiring NBTV to build custom channels.

We invite only accredited investors the opportunity to explore NBTV Channels and invest alongside Branded Strategic Hospitality. Interested parties should click here and a member of the Branded Investment Team will reach out to you. There is a full and complete data room, including financials available for review with approved parties following the execution of an NDA.



It’s important to note that NBTV closed new capital in the middle of a pandemic and a most challenging global financial crisis. Branded Ventures made its investment into NBTV Channels in June ’20 because the COVID crisis created a spike in the demand for direct-to-consumer spirits platforms — View Press Release.


  • Tech for additional platforms ( Roku, Fire Stick etc.)
  • User acquisition & marketing
  • Original content
  • Operations


  • Investment – Series A has $5M remaining after which the current valuation will no longer be available.
  • Join the Network and give Spirits Network monthly bottle memberships or virtual tastings as a gift to your clients, friends, family and colleagues this holiday season.
  • Leverage your network and make strategic introductions to investors, partners and individuals who can help NBTV Channels and Spirits Network grow and scale.

If you would like to learn more about Branded or learn more about the NBTV please get in touch with us directly.